5 Best home remedies for ear infection and ear pain

home remedies for ear infection and Ear pain

home remedies for ear infection, pain and what Causes of ear infection

If you are looking for home remedies for ear infection and ear pain for kids and adults then this is the right place to find out home remedies for ear pain. Most ear infections can be treated with home remedies and pain relievers.

Ear infection is a common problem and these are much found among children more than adults.This is because children go to school and do other activities outside the home where there is no scarcity of pollution. All-day kids enjoy in mud and it’s their parent’s responsibility to check their ear hole every week.There is a chance of ear infection where people work near fuel emissions mean traffic that helps to form wax in the ear.This wax when not removed, in future creates an infection and hence leads to the trouble to visit a hospital in the worse cases.

What Causes of ear infection ?

Ear infections and ear pain can be caused by bacteria, viruses or yeast. An ear infection happens when the inner ear tubes become swollen or blocked causing fluid to build up in your inner ear.

Due to water, the ear may get infected. It is necessary to wipe out the water from the ear after bath or swimming. It is advised because of moisture the ear becomes a good place for bacteria to flourish faster cause infection.
Due to boiling in the ear may be another reason for the infection. This hurts a much so it recommended cleaning the ear with an earbud.
Internal infection is known as Otitis Media which is very difficult to deal with from outside and external infection is called Otitis Externa which can be manageable.
Causes of ear tube blockage and ear infection include:

  1. Smoking
  2. Sinus infections
  3. Allergies
  4. Coldness
  5. Extra mucus
  6. Changes in air pressure


What are the symptoms of inner ear infections?

Sudden pain or a continuous pain is the common symptom of ear infections but there are more symptoms include:

  1. Ear pain
  2. Ear canal itching
  3. Shakiness
  4. Ear canal swollen
  5. Spinning head
  6. Nausea
  7. Ear leaving fluid or pus
  8. Headache
  9. Vomiting
  10. Un Balance or walking
  11. Hearing loss
  12. Pain on the side of neck or face
  13. Tinnitus (Ringing sounds in the ear)

Best home remedies for ear infection

You might have gone through ear infection in cold and must be painful ones and irritating too. Fever is a must. You might have not known the precautions or the remedies earlier but now with my remedies, visiting ENT specialists is not needed. To get rid of infection altogether here are a few remedies that will be helpful for you.

Mustard Oil To stop the ringing sound in the ear

Mustard oil is been used from our grandparent’s time and it has tremendous healing power. Take a few drops of mustard oil and put inside the ear, if any insect gone in then it will come out. To stop the ringing sound in the ear then boil a clove in few drops of mustard oil and drop it while it is warm inside the ear to get rid of the sound.

Garlic for ear pain

Take a crushed garlic clove and wrap it in a small tissue paper. Take this and place it inside the infected ear and you will definitely get relief from pain. Repeat this method for 5 days for best results.

Onion for ear wax

A person suffering from pain and ringing sound can put warm onion juice inside the ear to get relief. Not only this, but it can also aid to dry the gathered mucus in the ear.

Basil leaves to cure pain in the ear

Take the juice of 5 basil leaves to cure pain in the ear. Due to its healing power and natural antiseptic, it is been used from time unknown.

Warnings for ear infection

It’s not a good idea to put any shot of oil if you have punctured your eardrum.Regular ear infection indicates allergic to certain food like egg, wheat, nuts, dairy products or soy. These must be avoided.Excess eating habit especially fatty food can cause ear infection.
Antibiotics prescribed to you can have side effects, so it is advised to go through the home remedies as well to increase the healing rate and you need not have more antibiotics endlessly.


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