7 Best Natural home remedies for gum disease

Home remedies for gum disease

Are you known how to cure gum disease without a dentist .you can use these natural home remedies for gum disease?

Are you Facing problems with teeth gum disease? Gum disease is an infection that occurs on the tissues which support the teeth and this brings along the risks of ache in the teeth, Bleeding gums, uncomfortable chewing difficulties, and even tooth loss. It is common among some people and many suffer this regularly.

Seven Main Symptoms of gum disease

  1. swollen gums
  2. Bad breath
  3. Painful chewing
  4. bleeding gum
  5.  Sensitive teeth
  6.  Receding gums
  7. Loose teeth

This is basically caused by bad brushing and flossing habits .when a toothbrush is changed or when the brush hits the gums during the course of brushing can cause is likely to cause the wound in the gums. But, there are many other reasons for the occurrence of gum disease. if you are one among those suffering from gum disease then try these Natural home remedies The below discussed.

How to take care of your teeth and gums 

Brush your teeth

Remember to brush your teeth two times a day as this will helps you to remove unwanted food items and particles stuck in between your teeth and hence your teeth will not decay. This will also enable you in removing the plaque on the teeth and will increase the sensitivity of the teeth. Prefer Flossing along with brushing as this will help in the removal of bacteria as well as unwanted food particles. Brush properly and save yourself from gum diseases. This will keep your teeth white and clean.

Chew your food

You should chew your food nicely and properly as this stimulates the gums and keeps it active and therefore chewing is major advice given by dentists. You should chew your food in each and every bite and do chew at least 4-5 chews as recommended.

Treat Gum Disease with Honey

Honey has been effective in the prevention of gum disease, including gingivitis, receding and bleeding gums. After brushing your teeth, make use of honey and this is likely to give you some relief for sure. What you need to do is rub honey on the gums of your teeth and this will grant a
soothing effect for your disease. Your gum disease can be cured by the consumption of honey as it contains a natural antibacterial element able to cure gum disease.

Best vitamins for gums

Vitamin c

Vitamin c cured gum disease the risks of gum diseases are reduced by the consumption of Vitamin C and if your gums bleed, this will reduce it when consumed on a regular basis. You can consume Vitamin C by eating grapes, oranges, papaya, strawberry, cantaloupe, and broccoli.

Vitamin D

The vulnerability and chances of gum diseases can be reduced by the intake of Vitamin D as it
has anti-inflammatory properties. A very natural and key factor of Vitamin D is the sun and so
you need to be exposed to the sun for proper Vitamin D. The Vitamin D in the skin is
synthesized by the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Coenzyme Q10 cans Decrease Gum Disease.

Coenzyme Q10 is naturally produced in one’s body and is an antioxidant that has a link with the gums. The gums are easily infected when the proportion of the production of the Coenzyme
Q10 is low. Consume food rich in CoQ10 such as Meat (Pork heart, beef heart, reindeer), corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, and fish. Therefore, you can consume these foods for the intake Coenzyme Q10 on a regular basis. You can also have this as a supplement that is available at drug stores too.

7 Best Natural home remedies for gum disease

   1. Saltwater rinse for painful, swollen gums

One cup of warm water and add 1 teaspoon salt and mix it very well. Swish and rinse in your mouth, Salt helps inhibit the development of bacteria in your mouth and tends to reduce the bacteria in your swollen gums that can trigger swelling. Rinse with warm salt water at least twice a day before the bleeding has subsided.

  2. Teabags

Take a fresh bag of tea and steep it in boiling water for up to five minutes, as you do to make tea. Then, when the teabag is cool enough to touch, apply it directly to painful gums for at least five minutes.

  3. Baking soda for gums

Baking soda diluted in water can be used to rinse and brush the teeth and gum line to help neutralize the acids that irritate the gum tissue.

  4. Clove Oil

You can get temporary relief from toothache by applying 2-3 drops of clove oil and hence this will enable you to postpone your visit to the dentist.

    5. Guava

Your gum disease can be cured by the consumption of Guava as it contains a natural antibacterial element able to cure gum disease.

   6. coconut oil

Oil pulling (swishing or rinsing): There has been little evidence to prove that sesame oil or coconut oil can help reduce bacteria that cause gum disease, but has been become a recent trend.


  7. Tea Tree Oil

You need to kill the bacteria present on the gums as well as on the teeth and for this, you need to apply 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on the toothbrush and then brush. This will also help in the prevention of infection on your gums.

how to prevent gum disease naturally

Having a good diet high in vitamins and minerals will often help avoid gum disease and other oral disorders. If you have some dental issues that place you at risk of catching gum diseases, you will need to visit the dentist more regularly.

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