Home remedies for hair growth and thickness

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Best Home remedies for hair growth and thickness

All  girls and women have desire that they have long thick and shiny hair because hair is crowning glory. If you are facing the problem of thinning hair or hair loss or unable to find the health of your hair then you can improve your hair health by using home remedies for hair growth and thickness. These proven home remedies will help you to grow long, thick and shiny hair.

Causes of hair loss in women

If you feel that you’re losing more hair than normal, talk to your doctor about the issue.. They can determine your hair loss underlying cause.There are lots of causes of hair loss but Common causes of hair loss include

  • stress
  • hormonal changes
  • nutritious deficiencies
  • Hair Straighteners
  • Medications and supplements
  • use of unsuitable hairstyles
  • Radiation therapy to the head 
  • medical conditions 
  • Family history (heredity) 
  • heating tools
  • harmful chemical hair products
  • genetics

But, you don’t have to worry. There are some home remedies that can help feed your hair and foster new growth. If you follow them regularly for at least one month, these Home remedies will prove highly effective.
Learn how to get long and Thick hair very fast. By taking little care of your hair, it is definitely possible to achieve the length of your hair as your choice. However, try some home remedies for long hair without having to spend a lot of time.


1. Potato Juice For Long Hair

Every kitchen basic ingredient potato proves to be a nice home remedy for long and strong hair. Potato juice produces many important nutrients such as vitamin B, zinc, and niacin that help natural hair growth.

It even works to remove impurities and unblock the pores as a clarifying agent.
Produce juice from crusted potato’s Use a cotton ball to soak up the juice Section of your hair and apply it to the scalp Massage very well for five to ten minutes. Leave it for an hour and Wash your hair with a normal shampoo.


Banana is not only Healthy Food but it also performs like a hair growth Remedy. Creating a banana pulp mask with green tea, honey and egg yolk will enhance your hair quality. Any damage caused by chemical straightening or heat it can be repaired. It can make your hair silky and shiny by using it daily.

How to Prepare and Apply
Half cup of Banana Mash, one yolk ,one table spoon of honey and few drops of lime juice mix with 10ml Green Tea.
Blend all the ingredients together in a container Blend well to ensure that no lumps are found .Spray your hair and apply this paste on your hair and scalp .clean with a soft shampoo after 30 minutes.

3.Egg yolk for hair 

Egg is one of the best home remedies for long hair development. Eggs are protein-filled, which is important for hair care. Eggs are very rich in nutrients such as biotin, lecithin, folate, and other vitamins such as E, K, and D.
Egg also has a high level of amino acids that can boost your hair growth and feed your strands.Beat eggs well to create a creamy consistency Then Add olive oil to this mixture Apply it consistently on wet hair Keep it on for 30 minutes. wash with a normal shampoo and you should do this Every week.

4. Aloe Vera gel 

Aloe Vera gel can also energize inactive hair cells, leading to rapid growth of hair. This carries a lot of enzymes that restore and reduce damage to your scalp tissue. Aloevera helps to protect your hair from Ultraviolet damage. It can even lock in moisture to refill the levels of humidity.
Aloevera gel Mix with honey and Mash well for a strong consistency .Apply directly to the hair and scalp Keep on thirteen minutes and then wash with normal water .

5. Avocado

Avocado is another effective home remedy for long and thick hair growth. It contains high quantities of omega-fatty acids that may protect your strands and prevent damage. Avocado is also a rich antioxidant such as vitamin E that can make your hair long and healthy.In addition, it has a high amount of minerals such as iron and copper to create healthy hair.

How to Make :

Half Cup of Avocado and half Banana and one Egg Yolk all ingredients mix very well in a bowl and achieve a creamy paste. Apply the paste to your hair, cover the roots and scalp.Leave it on 20 minutes Wash with a normal shampoo.

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These are tested remedies and many people have benefited from it. You should use one of these remedies for at least two weeks for getting better results. We Hope you get your long and thick hair as you wish


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